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The Dancer Body Club is an Elite Membership for women who grew up hating their body and want to form a new, healthy, and consistent relationship with working out and dance to achieve the results they want. We help women transform into confident people who can live boldly, love themselves from the inside out, and form habits to create sustainable results that last a lifetime through Megan's Method of strength, tone and dance-based cardio sculpt classes that will make you feel like a dancer again through on-demand classes that can be done anywhere at anytime.

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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



As a professional dancer and fitness leader in NYC, I have spent my entire life in a constant battle with my body. I never fit the mold of having an “ideal dancer body” and despite many attempted workout programs and diet quick fixes, I was always left fatigued and hopeless that I would never get the results I wanted.

After spending years frustrated and exhausted from chasing an unrealistic standard I’ve taken what I have learned and created The Dancer Body Club to help other women like me achieve the lifelong results they want. Instead of searching for “dancer skinny” I encourage us to search for inner mental and physical strength, consistency, and most importantly, joy. I would love to have you join the best online dance community out there.

Dance soon,

xo Megan Bowen
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach


Thanks to you and all this dancing, I’m down 27 pounds since I started DFH. It was never the goal, but just moving my damn body has allowed this to happen... I feel SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! Starting DFH has been life-changing 💕

The pandemic really upended my health journey. I was struggling to find my way back and Megan’s classes were the lifeline I needed to re-sync my mindset. While I obviously love the dancing and cardio portion, the best part is knowing you are not going through the journey alone. Thank you!

Uhm OK!!!! The dance cardio classes bring me back to the joy of movement in my body 😊 After the first one I did I cried a little from how good it felt. In only a few days Megan has made me excited to move my body again. Thank you a million times!

I was feeling low energy today but still did one of the shorter dance cardio videos and had a ton of fun! I really appreciate how you explain the moves and I was able to modify some of them to be a bit easier/lower impact, which is something I’ve found pretty unique about your videos ❤️

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