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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



I’m Megan Bowen and I I grew up in Temecula, CA at a small competition dance studio. If you ever watched Dance Moms, that is totally the world I grew up in (rhinestones & a bright red lip!). I loved to sing as much as I loved to dance so my family put me in productions at my local community theatre where I began to fall in love with all things musical theatre.

After high school, I attended the University of California, Irvine where I started to train in more classic styles of dance techniques but never felt like my body had a place in that world so I went to the drama department and started training for Broadway. I graduated with both a BFA in Dance Performance and a BFA in Dance Choreography.

Moving to New York City was where I really learned how to dance. NYC has the most talented dancers in the world and while I've grown the most as an artist through my training out here, finding dance classes that allowed me to feel like I could make mistakes, fall, and not look perfect was hard to come by.

I created Dance From Home to be a safe space that helps dancers reconnect to their joy and love of dancing. Wherever you are in your dance journey, you deserve to find a space where you feel free to be yourself and truly dance like no ones watching.

My speciality is teaching dance classes and hosting workshops to help facilitate this fun and creative space both virtually and in person. I look forward to helping you find your joy in your dance journey and can't wait to keep bringing you the best of New York City dance.

xo Megan Bowen


I have never felt so supported and confident in a dance class before. I've grown up dancing since age 4 and always felt so self conscious looking in the mirror because I don't fit the dancer body stereotype. I love dancing so much and I am rebuilding my love for it. Thank you!

Sooo I really hesitated to send you this super emo message, but...I want you to know how much joy your class brought me last night. I haven't danced like that probably since 2005. Not kidding. I'm sure I have dance shoes about as old as you are 😂🤣 Anyhoo...I was bawling after class because I had so much fun and felt like "me" again. Thank you so much.

Best virtual dance class I've ever taken! Great energy! This class was so much fun I felt like I was learning in a stress-free dance environment! I felt very safe to explore myself as a dancer. I can't wait to continue in the future to improve myself and gain more confidence in my movements.

This class was a great time to really live in each movement and show SO much sass! Megan always brings such great energy to each number and they are always such a great style of musical theatre. ❤️

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